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In the book Play Bigger, by Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lockhead and Kevin Maney, they share a story in Chapter 5 about Bullpen Capital and its efforts to bridge the funding gap for startups who aren't yet at Series A.

Bullpen Capital hosts a monthly pitching event they call Fullpen. One of the authors, Dave Peterson, regularly attends. He asks the following 3 questions of most companies who present in the Fullpen. 

Today, London Street is in the Fullpen! Well, it's our first (pretend) visit. Here goes.

1. Explain like a 5 year old

People who own small businesses and use texting for everything frequently lose track of important information, dates and documents, costing them a lot in missed opportunities.

ZAKO is a simple tool for texting people and saving important information about each of your contacts.

Its main job is to help you create lists of people based on the different kinds of relationships you have. If you're a Carpenter, you might group people into "Upcoming Jobs", "Past Customers", "Leads", and of course "Family"!

Inside each conversation you can access a bunch of little tools that help your relationships grow, like Notes, Calculator, Reminders and a special tool called Counter that makes it easy to log quantities like Hours Worked or Hours Traveled.

In regular Pitchspeak, we'd also frame it this way:

Tradesmen and labourers use texting to coordinate EVERYTHING but.. their default SMS apps don't assist with managing relationships and information. Despite the limitations of these tools they continue to monoplize the small business messaging market due to their simplicity. ZAKO is a replacement for default SMS apps like Google or Samsung Messages. It brings the business functions of the phone into one app, centred around the activity of texting. ZAKO is made for the needs of the Mobile Proprietor. 

2. If problem solved perfectly, what category are we in?

The category we are building is focused on Mobile Business Management. The simpler way to describe this category (in connection with the product type we're offering) is... Workbase. That's the best we've got right now, let's see if it sticks.

3. If we win 85% of the category, what's the size of our potential?

Okay, this is a tough one. We'll be tackling Dave's 3rd question soon in a separate post.

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